If you don’t experience any stress in your life….then stop reading this and start writing your best-selling self-help book right now.  The fact is – stress is normal and can be helpful.  It drives us to push harder, meet deadlines and look out for the people we care about.  It’s also what tells us to haul ass when nearly plowed down mid-crosswalk by a reckless cab driver.  So when does stress turn bad?  How much is too much?  Generally, stress starts becoming a problem when it interferes with your ability to get things done, or interferes with your relationships or social life.  The best plan is to always work on ways to deal with stress.  Here are some signs that you may want to reach out for support in managing your stress:

  • Changes in sleeping or eating pattern
  • Being more irritable than normal
  • Not being able to concentrate or get things done
  • Increased frequency of headaches or muscle pain/soreness
  • Recurring colds and minor illnesses
  • Feeling or being more disorganized than usual
  • Increased frustration and anger



 Check out ways to manage stress, unwind and get help if you need it.